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paint splat

4 April 2023

Road Hounds Playlists

Road Hounds Playlists


“This, to me.. is Woodstock.” 

That’s what NEW YORK TIMES said about NFT NYC and we’re delighted to be attending this year.

These guys certainly give the community a voice, bring people together and help educate the global community about the value of NFTs. At Road Hounds we are keen to reach that community, talk about tailored brand experiences and how to integrate NFTs into activations for music brands.

A great city demands a great playlist. The best NYC tracks are by artists who understand the things that make it great and horrifying are often the same. They tap into the rhythms of the city and the mood of the people. They are songs of triumph and heartache, success and failure, love and loss.

I’d love to take a Subway Train with the  New York Dolls, hang out on 53rd & 3rd with the Ramones  and get in the New York Groove with Ace Frehley but that aint gonna happen. As long as I’m Safe in New York City (AC/DC) I’ll be happy. One thing’s for sure after working the show for a week I’ll be Shattered (The Rolling Stones).

Here’s our carefully curated Playlist to celebrate this wonderful city.

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