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20 April 2023

NFT.NYC 2023

NFT.NYC 2023

So NFT.NYC 2023 is over and we’re all safe back home.

Road Hounds would like to thank all the wonderful people who dropped by the booth and showed a little interest in our humble display.

There were over 250,000 tweets about the show, 6,000+ Registered Attendees, 18,000+ Digital Twin Ticket NFTs and Sponsor giveaway NFTs collected by attendees.

We met amazing people with exotic names like Hashemzadeh, Buat-Ménard and Fagbamigbe. We learned about innovative technologies like and IoTrust.  We even listened to someone talk about Web3 Innovations in NeoBanking. Never thought we’d type those words but there you have it.

Apparently, the talks were impressive too, with industry experts sharing their insights and knowledge on the latest trends and developments in the NFT space. We wish we’d been able to attend a few but we were manning the front desk with a steady flow of punters always needing our vision explaining. We think they got it.

One old adage from doing shows was definitely proved to be true: “Never under estimate the power of free merch”. The Road Hounds caps were a definite hit. So much so, we lugged 300 of them back to the UK in a huge case!

The show promoters did a good job of hyping it up too. Many attendees gathered for around an hour on the evening of the first day to watch 100s of artists and speakers on 3 iconic Times Square Billboards. There was Live Music on the Main Stage too. It was, erm, OK. The music at The Cutting Room on 11 April however, was positively awesome however.

Swedish rock group Solence, mixed up rock, pop, electronic and alternative in a set that showcased music from their diverse third album Hope Is A Cult. Headliners DOROTHY from L.A. delivered a tight set of modern blues-rock with the singer preaching positivity and resilience, demonstrating why they became the first rock band to be signed to Roc Nation.

A highlight for us was spending some time with the folks from Flipside Group, who are creating our 3D World. While some preach about the transformational power of tech, they make it a reality. Looking forward to seeing the finished world and sharing it with you.

Shows though, are ultimately about the people who attend as well as exhibit. They are a barometer for the industry and set the tone for how we are perceived.  On the basis of those who we met, we are in fine hands. We met so many talented and passionate individuals, all coming together to celebrate and explore the possibilities of NFTs. And they were nice enough to include us in their LinkedIn posts. That’s a first.