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18 September 2023

New Metal Bands: Ones To Watch

New Metal Bands: Ones To Watch

New Metal Bands: Ones To Watch

Road Hounds is all about championing new music so we try to keep our ears to the ground when it comes to good new stuff. Here are some of the relatively recent bands that have caught our ears. And, of course, a playlist to go with it. Enjoy!

Also a quick note to say that we have the 19 unsigned bands (who are performing at Louder Than Life festival in Kentucky this week) running in Metal City 1. Check them out. Members get to vote on who is best with the winner getting $7500.



A French/English quintet delivering classic metalcore with no frills.  Pummelling instrumental work, evil vocals, frenzied and hyper-percussive; it all makes up a compelling cocktail.



Greek dark melodic black metal mixed with anthemic pop hooks and ambience.  An ambitious and adventurous work of post-black metal.



Possibly the best of the new wave of thrash bands due to crossover potential. From Richmond, VA. Enforced maybe young but they are traditionalists, playing from an old rulebook and clearly taking every lesson to heart.


Grove Street

UK thrash metal’s grittiest exponents thanks to added hardcore. Stomping thrash groove with hardcore blasts throughout their music.


Iron Voltage

Thrash is on the rise again and it’s not just UK and US. This is Indonesian thrash! They’re tight as hell, too.


Pest Control

The single most exciting metal band in the UK right now? Quite possibly. Crossover Thrash from Leeds. No shortage of riffs to go alongside strong and energetic hardcore vocals.


Power Trip’s guitarist Blake Ibanez soldiers on mixing his thrashy hardcore riffs with a death-metal heaviness. Technical and aggressive in equal measure.


Progressive thrash metal band from Netherlands. Thrash yes, but with sci-fi themes, progressive elements and a more technical focus.


Bad Omens

From Richmond, Virginia fusing Metalcore with nu metal. They set themselves apart by introducing a more electronic/industrial element to their music.


The Callous Daoboys

Mathcore meets deathcore meets nu-metal? Yes please! Well-balanced chaos.


L.S. Dunes

Supergroup with My Chemical Romance’s Frank Iero and Coheed axman Travis Stever, which blends rock with emo. Pleasingly melodic with the scratch of punk.



Impeccable riffs and moshy grooves played in cowboy outfits with Wild West lore in their songs. Western Death/Thrash Metal/Hardcore.


Witch Fever

Eerie, doomy and atmospheric but still raw.  From Manchester. There’s definitely some kind of dark magic going on here.


A group of artists from various hardcore bands, inspired by Icelands darkest and most bleak aspects. With an inherently heavy nature, the band sits somewhere on a vast spectrum of blackened hardcore and aggressive metal.



HAWXX are a shapeshifting, punk infused, feminist alt-metal band based in London but hailing from Greece, Wales, England and Italy.


Bambie Thug

Bambie Thug takes a genre fluid mix of Hyer-punk, avant -electro pop and froges it with sex positivity, freedom and the occult. How can one possible resist?


Doomsday Outlaw

Blues-rock juggernaut rolling out of the dark heart of the UK a.k.a. Sheffield. Heavy groove-laden, hard rock.



Cheyenne, Wyoming modern rock band comprised of brothers Andrew and Matthew Whiteman, accompanied by the talented rhythm section of Jackson Daw (Drums) and Andreas Landeck.


Vampires Everywhere!

American rock band from Los Angeles, combining Heavy metal, Emo, Post-hardcore, Metalcore and Screamo. The band’s name came from the movie “The Lost Boys.”



Stoner/Desert rock from Iceland.