You just need to sign up and subscribe to get Access All Areas to Road Hounds Rock City. Once you’ve unlocked the stage door, you’ll be part of the rock ’n’ roll revolution, taking the power to the (virtual) streets.

We’re building a movement that is decentralising how music is recorded, distributed, heard, and paid for.

That sounds like a big ask, but we envision a digital-based community that gets you closer to the music you love by giving you a voice within the rock music industry – you’ll make a difference in the Real World.

Road Hounds wants to break the early cycle of ‘no money equals no chance’ – a process that has halted so many promising and emerging rock artists for decades.

As part of the tribe, you’ll support Unsigned Bands and Emerging Talent by collectively guiding investment into their output – we will direct part of the Road Hounds Rock City subscription fee to help bands in areas such as putting on Real World Live Shows, contributing to their recording process, creating merch, and more!


Road Hounds Rock City members have complete control of their personal information and assets. Thanks to Web3 technology, membership is secure and safe. To become a Road Hound, simply fill in your personal information and card payment details below via our secure online portal. Every Road Hound can make a difference.


So, what do you get when you sign up? The more engaged you are as a Road Hound in Rock City, the bigger the benefits will be, increasing the value of a Road Hound’s membership the longer you have it. Sign up between now and 1 Jan 2024 to become an ‘OH (Original Hound) Member’ for the low introductory offer of $5 per month, followed by $10 per month thereafter, to receive:

  • Full In-World Access to Road Hounds Rock City, and social platform.
  • In-World Access to seven interactive zones, specially designed for rock fans of all genres.
  • In-World Access to more zones that are under development, with portals to new worlds, and secret zones to be unlocked – each with their own musical adventure and visual identity.
  • In-World recorded gigs to watch, both in conventional 2D and 3D capture – Live Streamed Events* will be available later.
  • In-World access to live recordings, showcases and product launches in the exhibition area
  • In-World Personalised Avatar Generation enabling you to look like the rock star you dream of being.
  • In-World meetups with other rock fans, new band discovery, and live performances to watch.
  • Voting Rights on Unsigned Bands, PLUS Voting Rights on Direct Band Investment – you’ll help to further bands’ careers in the Real World.
  • In-World Access to full-length band interviews and content.
  • In-World Access to Live Events.
  • Real-World Access to the Road Hounds Clubhouse programme – air-conditioned Live Lounges at selected festivals**.
  • Real-World Access to the annual Road Hounds Global Gathering event – a gig showcasing the best of Unsigned Bands and Emerging Talent artists discovered through the In-World Road Hounds Rock City platform.
  • Website Access to the membership portal of this site, where you’ll find exclusive content, live recordings, 3D Volumetric Performances, and more including interviews with Established Musicians and Upcoming Talent.


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* Live streamed events to be confirmed
** Selected festivals to be confirmed