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1 June 2023

Classic Rock, Modern Roll

Classic Rock, Modern Roll

They’re young. They’re retro. They’re cool. They’re often family. They like to party. And they’re here.

We’ve heard rumors that there’s a new wave of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Well if there is, we need to know about it. Road Hounds takes a closer sniff. Let’s start by reviewing the contenders.

Tuk Smith and The Restless Hearts is an American rock band from Nashville founded and fronted by former Biters leader Tuk Smith. Well that’s good pedigree right there, and Tuk is wearing his restless heart on his sleeve backed up with a big bag of classic rock riffs. The guitars and killer melodies betray his love for Phil Lynott. The sound is heavy on ’70s classic rock, a twist of Southern and a touch of glam. RH approved.

Classless Act is an American rock band from Los Angeles who gained notoriety in 2022 opening for Def Leppard and Mötley Crüe on The Stadium Tour. If you’re looking for that classic 1980s rock sound – big guitars, bigger choruses – then Classless Act deliver in spades. Contrary to their name, Classless Act is a classy purveyor of hard rock with hooks and energy galore. RH approved.

Next up is Tyler Dow Bryant, an American guitarist from Paris, Texas. He is best known as the lead guitarist and vocalist of the rock band Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown. With a powerful band behind him, he’s poised to become the next Stevie Ray Vaughan, with his refreshing exploration of blues and rootsy rock, with plenty of dirty grooves, classic rock riffs and southern twang. RH approved.

Newly signed to Earache Records are Hollywood party rock-n-rollers The Bites. They have a monster hybrid of garage rock rhythms, huge choruses and unashamedly retro. The Bites have planted their flag fairly and squarely in LA glam rock territory. RH approved.

Dirty Honey is another rock band from Los Angeles, formed in 2017. A hard rock combo they are inspired by rock titans like Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin. Sounding immediate and fresh yet making the very most of their classic rock influences they are poised for greatness. RH approved.

Robert Pehrsson might just be the epitome of guitar-based rock music. Capable of a wide array of styles, ranging from death metal to garage rock and melodic rock – the man does it all with ease and finesse. There’s little doubt of Pehrsson’s talent both as a guitar player and a songwriter. He delivers grooving and catchy Hard Rock that finds its main inspiration in the late ’70s. RH approved.

DeVere maybe another throwback rock band from London but they have a fresh style, finger shredding riffs and whisky fueled vocals that sneer and shout before soaring on the choruses. Not a lot to go on at the moment but sounds very promising. RH approved.

RH favourites Dorothy are a hard rock L.A. band with a bluesy bent led by the titular Dorothy Martin. She rivals Lzzy Hale for power and sass. The group delivers a hard-hitting sound that encompasses diverse genres including blues, hard rock and post-grunge. Killer live too. RH approved.

Jared James Nichols is an American blues-rock guitarist and singer from Wisconsin, best known for his high-energy “pick-less” electric guitar playing technique. He’s a stellar showcase for heavy blues rock, merging classic and modern elements into an explosive sound that’s all his own. RH approved.


Next up The New Roses.  Musically, the band delivers melodic rock that would make the likes of Bon Jovi proud, with guitar-driven anthems, rock-meets-Americana tracks and Country-infused Stadium Rock. Not a lot to go on at the moment but sounds very promising.  RH approved.

Mason Hill are a hard rock band, from Glasgow that formed officially in 2015 who lean into the bombast and big riffs that come with classic rock territory, with an added vibrancy and enthusiasm. The songs are well constructed, melodic and powerful. Predicated on Scott Taylor’s emotive vocal style, and with the quick-fire guitar interplay these guys are ones to watch. RH approved.

Goodbye June is a rock band from Nashville, Tennessee. What makes Goodbye June special is the immense sense for a good song and a great melody. A hard rock band who blend a rootsy sound with big guitars and plenty of strutting style, in a hard-hitting power trio format. A gritty sound and powerful energy and frontman Landon Milbourn’s distinctive vocals. RH approved.

Scarlet Rebels are a five-piece Welsh melodic rock band. Back in 2022, they achieved their first Official UK Top 40 Album with their album See Through Blue, released on Earache Records. Scarlet Rebels like a bit of political dissent but they do keep it fun. Its a convincing album of hook-laden, firebrand, rebel rock. RH approved.

Next up Them Evils. They have a signature sound of ‘Classic Rock, Modern Roll’ and have been polishing their chops while supporting acts including Zak Sabbath, The Pretty Reckless and Alter Bridge. These Southern California hard rockers write songs that deal with struggles, women, and getting laid. A mix of West Coast chill infused with hints of vintage Zeppelin. RH approved.

King Falcon are brimming with earworm-worthy guitar riffage, soaring choruses, soulful melodic lead vocals, and vibrant indie-rock atmospherics, all delivered with classic rock swagger. Not a lot to go on at the moment but sounds very promising. RH approved.

Ghost Hounds are rapidly becoming one of the most exciting acts in modern blues rock. They unite the traditional with the modern in a classic blues meets present rock format. Their overarching themes are heartache and lost love, staples of the blues for sure, but delivered with bluesy grit and grime. RH approved.

The Dust Coda blend the earthy elements of blues with a robust and dirty edge. The rhythm section oozes cool grooves and the guitars riffs over them are nasty and raw. The London based quartet have a gritty edge and like to channel Led Zeppelin, Bad Company and Humble Pie. Fine by us. RH approved.

Well it’s clear to us that this lot plead a decent case for the revival of 70’s rock n’ roll. The spirit of rock and roll is not only alive, but as hearty and healthy as it has ever been. They deserve a Playlist: