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The metaverse rock club for NFT pioneers that empowers new talent

Do you want to be part of a movement which is decentralising how music is recorded, distributed, heard and paid for? Then join the Road Hounds! Without the unseen work of a roadcrew no band has ever made it to the stage on time. Taking inspiration from roadies everywhere, Road Hounds supports emerging talent in the rock music industry by creating a decentralised community of NFT, Metaverse and music fans.

Do you want a meta place to hang out with like minded rockers who know the difference between Bon Scott and Brian Johnson?

A place where everyone ‘knows’ that Ride the Lightning is Metallica’s best album? A place where you can listen to new bands and emerging talent? A world where you can be in charge of your own ‘rock self’? Yeah, it’s about damn time too, right? So join the Road Hounds movement! Road Hounds is a multi-level ecosystem representing rock fans of all genres. Our movement gives the finger to the status quo. By joining the ranks of the Road Hounds now you will be celebrated as an early adopter who invested in the start of a rock music revolution.

Do you want to support your favourite new artists in Web3?

Road Hounds is breaking the cycle of ‘no money equals no chance’ and your investment into NFTs will single you out as a disruptor who celebrates musical expression. This support of your favourite artists will help them break through barriers and build a fan base in the new decentralized era of Web3 as well as help them find success without the financial and legal binds of commercial contracts.

Through the Road Hound community fund we pledge to help top talent financially, whether it’s by hiring a studio for that first recording, buying upgraded kit or booking promotion for a tour.

Our virtual Web3 world provides real life, exclusive access to the industry by sharing interviews with rock icons, listening experiences and events that fans would never have had access to before. This metaworld is grounded in classic rock but also offers access to subterranean blues, sweet southern sounds, deathly metal and futuristic cyberpunk.

This is YOUR CHANCE to get closer to the music action and to be part of an inclusive, safe, rock-centric community.

Road Hounds merch coming soon!

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